About Us

Our Process

We are a next level wildlife removal company. Conventional exterminators or pest control companies have been handling wildlife issues the same way for 100 years. They use old methods that just don’t stand the test of time and are not cross species viable. We on the other hand have taken wildlife exclusion to a new level.

We invented our own process based on years of experience and we have the U.S Patents to prove it. Our system works. It’s been tested and tweaked over the course of years spanning hundreds of real world wildlife issues right here in New Jersey.

What We Do

Most exterminators or pest control companies dabble in wildlife issues by setting traps or they seal up one entry point or install a one way door and call it a day. We on the other hand install our patented tunnels and then we proof all the other spots that we know animals exploit.

Our goal is not to just solve your current problem, it is to make your structure impervious to wildlife.

What makes us different?

We know how not  to do business

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I started working for another pest control company. There I learned the 100-year-old style of getting rid of wildlife. I was not impressed. I learned how NOT to do business.

That company was fraught with unhappy customers. Their guarantee, like most others in this business was a play on words and when push came to shove it was worthless. They use a play on words like “We give a 1 year guarantee on our work” and then when a customer calls back 4 months later and says “The raccoon is back” or “I hear squirrels again” they come out and tell you “It is a new chew or a new hole and that is not covered” and the customer is unhappy and an argument ensues. And in reality the company did not lie because the animal made a new way in and it had nothing to do with the companies “work”.

This happens often, these are wild animals that want to get warm and have a safe place to have litters and in the case of flying squirrels they have most likely stored all their food in the cavities of your home and they will work hard to get back in. If a company charges you $775 to handle today’s problem and then when the next birthing season comes along 3 or 4 months later and something gets in another spot and they charge you $775 again that’s $1550 and still only those two spots are guaranteed.

If the customer was not happy paying a second time, imagine how ticked off they are if it happens a third time. I didn’t want that grief in my life so I handle things simply and in a up front manner.

We Charge a Flat fee

We charge a flat fee based on the number of vulnerabilities a structure has. Every style home whether it be a cape cod, a ranch, split level, colonial, dutch colonial, tudor, victorian or commercial building, every single style has spots on it that animals can exploit, they are all different but for the most part I have seen them all. We cover all entry points with our patented tunnel systems and then we move on to every other spot that we know could be a future exploit or entry point and we cover it with heavy duty cage wire secured with screws and washers directly into the sheathing or underlayment. Then, when the animal comes out of our tunnel and can’t get back in, and it runs to the opposite side of the building, it finds that the rest of the structure is armored and it moves on to some other home that has no defense.

And if it does get in somewhere else that we did not work on well we come back for free and resolve the issue. That is simply good customer service and we glean the knowledge of how the animal was able to get in for future jobs. Even after years of jobs and research on our tunnels we still get surprised several times a year at how creative and destructive these animals can be.

Our Guarantee

No other New Jersey Wildlife company will give you the same guarantee. Go ahead and ask them, if a squirrel chews a new hole on the third floor dormer even though you only fixed the hole on the second floor gutter will you come back and fix it for free? The Raccoon Guy will!

Our Network of Trusted Professionals

These companies are friends of The Raccoon Guy. These are good people that we have either known forever or do business with currently.

If you have a need for their services, you can’t do better!

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What People Say About Us

Jerry and his crew were amazing. It’s refreshing to see a company that is extremely knowledgeable, has employees that like working for the company, are very professional, answer every question you have and do exactly what they say they will do. All for a great price.

Jamee Nesta

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