Wildlife Exclusion


Exclusion work is the practice of finding all the entry points on a structure than an animal can use and sealing most of them and leaving a select few open with a one way tunnel so the offending species can exit the structure for food or water but upon returning can not re-enter the tunnel. This method is the best method by far when it comes to eliminating pests from a structure and its the most permanent and least invasive.

Wildlife exclusion works equally well on squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons and bats. We have also used our patented system on birds, opossums, groundhogs and rats.

Raccoon removal is just one of our specialties

Many times a new raccoon infestation is caused by a female looking for a safe place to have babies. Generations of raccoon have learned that our homes make good homes and that the easiest way to get in is up on top of them. Because female raccoon are large and pregnant or may have given birth a while ago we use an aluminum exclusion tunnel set on its largest setting. This insures that a large female will be able to get out and because its aluminum if she has offspring inside she will be able to use her mommy raccoon strength to get back in and get them out. This avoids the need for us to have to cut holes in walls and ceilings to retrieve baby raccoons or worse come back next month when you start smelling red baby raccoons. 

During birthing season which runs from March till the end of June all our raccoon jobs are fitted with CCTV cameras that are remotely monitored on motion sensing signals so we know exactly what is going on at each entry point on all of our jobs. We know what the behavior of a female raccoon looking for her baby’s looks like. If something is wrong about  job or animals behavior we don’t wait for the customer to call us, we know before they do.

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Jerry and his crew were amazing. It’s refreshing to see a company that is extremely knowledgeable, has employees that like working for the company, are very professional, answer every question you have and do exactly what they say they will do. All for a great price.

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